Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Eric Abidal

Eric Abidal

Eric Abidal is a Muslim soccer player of French national team and Barcelona as defender. He has converted to Islam when he married with his wife, Hayet Kebir. Eric Abidal and Hayet Kebir were neighbors in Lyon, in the district of La Duchere. "All I can say is that I am happy to have a wonderful woman who has not only given his heart and two great kids, but also a religion that preaches peace" He said.
In interview conducted by Le Buteur newspaper, Abidal said about Islam and soccer. Playing with Barca and make Ramadhan, is this possible? Yes even with Yaya Toure we have chance to play official matches at night. We could do fasting Ramadhan in training, but never in an official match. Is it difficult for a Muslim player to adapt to the demands of high level? No, and examples of Muslims moving to the highest level are legion. Even in Barcelona, we both practice as well as possible the precepts of Islam by trying to reconcile these two things.



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